Our Team


Mr. Dery Alexis is a qualified social worker from the university of Ghana, Legon. He holds Two Masters Degrees in Development Management and Social Policy and Development from The Graduate School of Governance and Leadership of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration(GIMPA)  and Middlesex University, London in the United Kingdom.

He also has a post-graduate certificate in Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs) management and additional trainings in programs designing, monitoring and evaluation hosted by the University of Washington, Seattle in USA, Resource Mobilization from the University of Ghana Business School, Public Policy Influencing, lobbying and a Trainer of Trainers(TOT) on Parliamentary Oversight M&E, a join initiative program between The Center for Learning on Evaluation Results(CLEAR) of the WITS School of Governance, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg and the Ghana School of Management and Public Administration(GIMPA).

His other areas of expertise include but not limited to Programs Designing,Monitoring and Evaluation, Integrated Sustainable Livelihood Creation and Strengthening particularly for vulnerable populations and Resource Mobilization. He has consulted for the Ghana AIDS Commission, UNHCR, Ghana Office,Family Health International(FHI,)ILO  Ghana,Geneva Global International and the West Africa Network of Civil Societies in HIV and AIDS  and School of Social Work of the University of Georgia, Atlanta, Study Abroad Program. Mr.Dery has extensive practical experiences in social work, community, and sustainable development policy formulation/designing and Evaluation in Ghana and the broader African and global continent.Before his current position, he served as a social worker in various positions and settings in the Department of social welfare from 1994-2000, as a  hospital social worker and first Coordinator of the HIV and AIDS Counselling and Testing Center of the KATH,Kumasi,  and coordinator of a joined Save the Children Fund (UK) and Government of Ghana project on Child Rights Protection and Promotion program in the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly(KMA)

He also served  on various National Task-force/Committee including,the National Technical Advisory Board of the Ghana Statistical Service(GSS) Ghana Living Standard Survey, Round 7(GLSS7), National Technical Working Group(TWG) that reviewed and made proposals leading to Children's Act (ACT560) of 1998   Amendment Act, (ACT,937) that streamlined  Family-Based Care for Children  in Ghana in line with the Hague Convention, National Association of Persons Living with HIV and AIDS(NAP+)in Ghana and First Vice President  of the Ghana National Association of Social Workers 2009-date. He also served as a committee member that investigated the Osu Children's and Boy's Remind Homes allegations of Abuse and Neglect by the Ghanaian investigative journalist, served as an elected representative of Civil Society Organizations(CSOs) block on the Ghana Country Coordinating Mechanism (GCCM) for the Global Fund for Malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS between 2006-2008. He also has to his credit several speaking engagements at national and international conferences to Europe, Americas, Indian and Africa. According to Alexis, at CDI our focus is on " sustainability, accountability,efficiency and effectiveness". CDI is a member of the Ghana HIV /AIDS Network, CSOs platform against Child Marriage in Ghana, CSOs network on Monitoring and Evaluation Systems as well as CSO platform on  Good Governance among others.