In the organizational governance of Center for Development Initiative, the constituted 7 member Board of Directors primary responsibility is ensuring that the organization’s work ultimately contributes to its mission and purpose; resources are used wisely and effectively.

In addition to the oversight responsibility, the Board objectively stands back and looks at wider issues and allows the Executive Director to have more time to concentrate on the organization’s operations and be accountable.

The key role of the Board is therefore, to serve the organization with their rich and diverse expertise and experience. Board meetings take place twice in a year and may also be called at very short notice as the exigency may require.

Mr. Simon Kunyenga
Mr. Simon KunyengaMember
Mr. Kunyenga Simon is a well-motivated, hard-working and credible development practitioner with over two decades experience and expertise in humanitarian and disaster preparedness an…
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Mr. William Niyuni
Mr. William NiyuniBoard Chair
MR. WILLIAM NIYUNI is a professionally trained Social Worker. He holds a Master of Arts (MA) Degree in Governance and Leadership from the Ghana Institute of Management…
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Mr. Mark Akudugu
Mr. Mark AkuduguMember
Mr. Mark Akudugu is a seasoned IT Specialist and holds an MBA in Management Information Systems (MIS) from Sikkim Manipal University, India. Mark holds a B.Sc. Hon…
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Mr. Denis Osei-Hwere
Mr. Denis Osei-HwereBoard Secretary
Mr. Denis Osei-Hwere is a Manager, Legal Affairs of the Forestry Commission, Ghana and Managing Partner of D & G Legal Consult, a Private Legal Firm based in Accra. He was called to the Bar in 2001…
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Mr. Besange Raphael
Mr. Besange RaphaelMember
Mr. Besange Raphael Hold a Bachelor of Science in Accounting with several years of working experience in both the Public and Private Sector. He presently works for a leading International Non-For-Profit Organization…
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Mr. Alexis Dery Danikuu
Mr. Alexis Dery DanikuuMember
Mr. Danikuu Alexis Dery, The Executive Director, is a qualified Social Worker with over 15 years working experience in the Non-For Profit Sector and has had the opportunity to represent the sector’s representation…
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