Promoting Access to Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

E-reference Library and Research Documentation for Accelerated Development.
The programme is aimed at establishing and managing a multi-purpose training, research and documentation facility that will provide of information on people of excellence in various fields, communities and regional resources and potentials as well as contact information. The research and documentation unit to be located in Wa, the regional capital of the Upper West Region seek to link with the Integrated Development Faculty of the University of Development Studies, Wa campus to enable students published their community trimester findings/Reports. The resource center will also provide quality ICT training and fast internet connectivity for students, lecturers and people in the region. Other key component of the information and resource center are:

  • District Profiles and biography of people of excellence as decided by the people using specific bench marks;
  • Reference books on development and other fields considered crucial in which the development of the region and the nation as a whole could revolve around;
  • Quarterly knowledge exchange and management seminars with stake holders;
  • Internet and secretarial services;
  • Free information and Advice and counselling services on accessing services, opportunities, rights and entitlements;
  • Free after – school clubs;
  • Free place for studying, reading and learning to overcome barriers to learning;
  • Conference and meeting Facility

The ultimate goal of the integrated ICT, Documentation, and Knowledge Resource Center is to ensure that people and communities do not suffer unnecessarily through a lack of knowledge and information. The services are open to everyone regardless of race, religion, politics or sexual orientation.