Consultancy Services

This programme is operated as a team-based, professional service where empowered staffs members, individuals and teams are engaged to provide specific services for a minimal fees in furtherance to our commitments to provides space for community and meaning for a collective responsibility and potential for growth and sustainable development initiatives.

Other strategies under the programme include the creation of a pool of mass communication equipment (TV set, audio-visual, LCD Projectors and Screens, Computers etc.) where community-based organizations can rent at highly reduced rates to help in the designing and re-tooling their activities for the effectiveness and efficiency of intervention out puts and programme outcomes. These equipment are often out of the reached for many Community Based Organizations (CBOs) because of the initial cost involved. The service is also aimed at building on the existing achievements/strengths of the CBOs and other stake holders while providing information and evidence on existing resources, opportunities and possible challenges necessary to guide their respective programmes.