Environmental Protection and Climate Change

Environmental degradation poses a major challenge to sustainable development. It is universally acknowledged as constituting a thread to food production and can increase disasters and global warming, and affect negatively general living standards. CDI seeks to collaborate with international, national and local stakeholders engaged in environmental issues in ensuring the conservation of biodiversity.

The vegetation of Northern Ghana, which is mostly savanna, is being characterized by yearly burning and deforestation. The root causes of this environmental degradation are poverty (hunting for meat, cutting of fuel wood and burning of charcoal), lack of knowledge about the hazards of bush burning, and the existence of no alternative livelihood activities. CDI therefore, in order to curtail this menace uses community sensitization, whiles tapping on the expertise of other stakeholders. The program is designed to help scale-up sustainable community sensitization and the establishment of woodlots to serve the fuel needs of the people shall be among other things.