It is natural for people who are being helped to help themselves to be grateful and worried at the same time. It is natural for them to be patient but also they want answers. Honesty, Compassion and Urgency are therefore indispensable prerequisites for personnel of organizations who genuinely want to identify and facilitate the change process.


We believe that all people are intrinsically worthy and should share in the benefits and burdens of society irrespective of their personal or collective circumstances;

  • We value meaningful and sustainable partnership based on shared values and common goals;
  • We focus on people and their impinging social and physical environments;
  • We value Research based advocacy; being at the ‘table’ when social policies are developed;
  • We value partnership, alliances, coalition and corporation with and among civil societies, business, the faith community, government and international agencies;
  • We value impacts as narrated by individuals, communities and partners with whom we work with and who are the reason for our course of actions and inactions;
  • We value sensitive and compelling communication across cultures with emphasis on transparency and sharing of information
Mission & Vision