CDI- Building Other CSOs/MMDAs For Effective Collaboration For Better Outcomes

As part of our quest for migration and development knowledge creation and management, CDI on the 14.10.2022, received a delegation of counsellors from Germany and   staff of their in-country partner Organization AG Charities who were in the country learn about migrants returns support service’s needs. The delegation comprised of counsellors from government and Civic Society  Organizations working with migrants reintegration and return reintegration programs. Led by the Executive Director, CDI presented on the topic; The Importance of Social Networks for Return Migrants Reintegration.

Migration, particularly the rise of migrant flows in Europe has increased the need for effective networking and collaboration between state and non-state actors within the migrant return and reintegration care and support continuum. This is important because, through these initiatives, strategic operational information is generated between and amongst partners that can result in better outcomes in counselling and other migrants care and support initiatives.

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