Distribution Of Learning Aid To Project Beneficiaries – 28.11.2019

On the 28th of November, 2019, the Executive Director of Centre for Development Initiatives, Mr Alexis Dery and Mr Hassan Zackariah, a Project Officer went on a field trip to donate teaching and learning materials as well as interact with pupils, coordinators, headteachers, and circuit supervisors at the Kanda cluster of Schools, Madina 2 JHS and Sowa Din Memorial JHS. Each beneficiary was given 10 exercise books and 3 note three books. Aki-Ola Series textbooks were also given to the school coordinators. The purpose was for coordinators to create a library for students to borrow and return textbooks as and when there is the need.

The Director in each school called for pupils to take their studies seriously and feel free to report any problems they encounter to their respective coordinators who would in turn report to CDI for an amicable solution to such problems. Head teachers on their part thanked CDI and wished CDI could enroll more participants onto the project as there are so many pupils who need CDI’s support.

One of the benefiaciaries who spoke on behalf of her colleagues indicated that they would put the books to good use as captured in the following statement:

we promise to make good use of the books and come out with flying colors in our BECE examination so that our parents, CDI and teachers will be proud of us. We will also try to set good examples for our friends by studying hard and informing CDI of any challenges we have. We are thankful for the donations and once again we promise to make every one proud” Elizabeth Atim, Kanda Cluster of Schools.

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