CDI Donates Assorted Books on Social Policy

As part of efforts to enhance teaching and learning outcomes in social work and policy issues, the organization made a donation of assorted books on Social Policy worth $350 (USD) to the School of Social Work, Osu after the Executive Director presented an invited paper on Social Work in Ghana: Opportunities and Challenges as part of the School’s Students Representative Council Week Celebration.

The Executive director emphasized that, Center for Development Initiatives has a burning desire to generate strategic conversations about the social work professional role in national development effort, in the hope of yielding, in the long run, demonstrable results of the contribution of the profession in both the private and public sector in policy making, community development, family and children services and schools social work among others.

He admitted that, though there are challenges and obstacles facing social work practice in Africa and Ghana that are well documented in the literature (Chitereka, 2009; Asamoah, 1995; Darkwa, 2007; Cox & Pawal, 2005), the donation of the books will go a long way in contributing to measures to deal with the challenges.

The School of Social Work founded in 1946, is the oldest Social Work Training School under the Department of Social Welfare that train middle level professionals staff in generic social work ( to provide statutory social work services in various settings in the department across the country. Other organizations such as the police, military, prisons, religious organizations, non-governmental and community based organizations also sponsored people to be trained.

In the past, CDI Executive Director has initiated and participated in broad national development issues such as the funding of state social welfare provisions on a prime TV (Multi-TV) Show program(PM Express ) as well as written practitioner’s article on social work that was published in a leading Advocacy News Paper( The Public Agenda).

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